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Please to submit your paper by 15th March 2023 at the latest.

I am interested in sending a paper to be published in the Proceedings of the Conference ASPHALT PAVEMENTS 2023 on the following topic:
Material and pavement structures testing

  • Experience from laboratory and in-situ testing of asphalt pavement materials and composites
  • New test methods for road materials
  • Testing, evaluation and designing of asphalt pavement structures
  • Bitumen and asphalt mix innovations
  • Information related to standardization and technical specifications
Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavements
  • Experience from asphalt pavement construction (case studies etc.)
  • Paving technology, including new trends like digital machinery navigation, use of drones during work preparation, construction and quality control, artificial intelligence and augmented reality
  • Technologies and trends for road maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Pavement management
Sustainability and digitalization of asphalt pavements
  • Asphalt pavement recycling
  • Use of recyclable and secondary materials in asphalt pavements
  • Traffic safety for asphalt pavements
  • Aspects of hygiene and health protection (workplace hygiene, noise issues, emissions)
  • Life cycle assessment for asphalt pavements
  • Carbon footprint and measures related to reduction of it during pavement construction and administration
  • Solutions for long life pavements

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